Draconis pharma

Discovery & Preclinical Services

Immunology and Inflammation

Bioassay Systems, Animal Models


ADME in vitro, DMPK & Toxicology


Draconis Pharma provides research and preclinical development services for new treatments in the field of inflammation and immunology. Our clients are provided with personalized testing services to assess the ability to modulate the immune response (bioassays with human primary cells or tissues) and its translation into animal models of inflammatory diseases.

All experimental models can be characterized ex-vivo by studying the profile of immune cells from different tissue samples (flow cytometry, Luminex or gene expression).

The biological characterization of our treatments is evaluated through a custom-built design of a battery of experiments focused on the study of physicochemical properties, in vitro ADME assays and in vivo pharmacokinetic studies. All these studies are supported by our bioanalytical platform.

Daconis Pharma is not only a CRO, we want to be your strategic partner in your drug development.