R+D (Pipeline and Collaborations)



Draconis Pharma is also focused on participating as technological partner in collaborative research consortiums to develop new therapies or new technologies in the field of drug discovery and preclinical development.
During these years, Draconis Pharma has participated in several consortium programs providing our expertise in the field of inflammation, immunology and characterization of therapeutic agents in the ADME in vitro and Pharmacokinetics.


Draconis Pharma expertise is focused on the drug discovery and preclinical development of novel immune-related therapies in the field of inflammation, autoimmune and immuno-oncology diseases.

Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) receptor antagonist Program – Draconis Pharma has developed a group new chemical entities acting as antagonists of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2).
Immuno-Oncology (DRC-69771)
The most advanced program is a new chemical entity (DRC-69771) aimed to be used as adjuvant therapy in combination with other immunotherapies such as immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI), with a novel dual antagonism mechanism of action validated in cell-based assays and animal
(November 2023)
models. This novel compound aimed to Draconis has a lead compound in the immune-oncology field. The selected compound shows a dual selective target-related nanomolar activity in cell-based assays, excellent efficacy in animal models of disease, wide safety and toxicology margin and a suitable pharmacokinetic profile.
DRC-69771, a novel dual PGE2 receptor antagonist, is proposed for combination therapy alongside other immunotherapies. This proposed pharmacological approach offers several advantages:

✓ Counteracting the tumor-induced immunosuppressive microenvironment.
✓ Decreasing the proportion of non-responders and addressing resistance to immunotherapies.
✓ Alleviating immune-related adverse events (irEAs) associated with immune-stimulating therapies, especially outside the tumor context.
Other programs, such as DRC-69236 a selective PGE2 receptor (EP4), are focus on other therapeutics areas in the field of Immune-related Inflammatory Diseases