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Immunology and Inflammation

Draconis Pharma offers a range of in vitro assays, including tissue and cell-based assays, as well as in vivo experimental models using animal models of immune-related inflammatory diseases. These assays are designed to evaluate the immune response and inflammatory activity and provide valuable information for understanding the drug’s mechanism of action (MoA) involved in various immune-related diseases such as autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, and immune-related pathologies such as cancer.

In vitro bioassays

Draconis Pharma provides our clients with a powerful and versatile tool for studying the effect of drugs on the functional activity of various primary cell types or tissues from different species in the fields of inflammation and immunology.

Our assays are specifically designed to provide insight into the immune response and related processes, as well as to translate in vitro results into specific pathologies or diseases.

Our scientists have experience developing and validating cell-based assays with diverse endpoints such as proliferation, analysis of cell surface markers, cytokine/chemokine release and gene expression.

We can adapt all of our studies to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Additionally, we possess the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize and develop new cell-based assays that may be required to meet specific customer needs.

Animal models of Immune-related inflammatory diseases

Animal models are used to study immune response and inflammation in vivo. These models can provide valuable insights into the molecular mechanisms of immune-mediated diseases and can also be used to evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic interventions.
Draconis Pharma provides a wide variety of immune-related inflammatory animal models to test the efficacy of new therapies:

For all models, our specialists can provide clinical outcomes and full mechanistic characterization introducing additional readouts such as the determination of efficacy biomarkers in target tissues/fluids (Gene expression, cytokine/chemokine profiling, cell immunophenotyping, …)