Research of immunological response

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Discovery and Preclinical Services

Draconis Pharma provides drug discovery and non-regulatory preclinical development services with an expertise and depth-knowledge in the field of inflammation/Immunology, DMPK, Toxicology and Bioanalysis.


Draconis Pharma expertise is focused on the drug discovery and preclinical development of novel immune-related therapies in the field of inflammation, autoimmune and immuno-oncology diseases.

The expertise you value. The experience you need. The flexibility you want

Draconis Pharma focuses on researching immunological responses and developing new therapies to treat immune-based diseases, including inflammation, autoimmunity, allergy, and related conditions such as cancer and pain.
Draconis provides experimental services for early-stage discovery and pre-clinical research to pharmaceutical, biotech, and food companies. With its scientific expertise, Draconis offers highly customized experimental models to evaluate the efficacy, drugability, safety, and toxicology of new research therapies. Our scientific team has developed assays for different types of therapeutic agents including small molecules, therapeutic proteins, antibodies, RNA-based compounds, vaccines, functional foods, plant extracts and probiotics.

Our Benefits


Expertise & Knowledge

Our team is focused on the discovery and preclinical development, with an in-depth understanding of immunology, inflammatory processes, and ADME-DMPK studies


Tailor-made experimental designs

Consult with our expert Immunology and ADME/DMPK specialists to discuss your project requirements


Project monitoring

We maintain ongoing communication with the client throughout the study/s execution


Reliable results

Interpretation of the results is based on our extensive experience and knowledge in drug discovery and preclinical development