Draconis Pharma S.L. is a biotechnology company focused on providing scientific and technological services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, aimed at supporting drug discovery at different stages of research, such as target validation, hit-finding, hit-to-lead and lead optimization towards the release of a robust and well-characterized preclinical candidate.

Our multidisciplinary scientific team comes entirely from the pharmaceutical R&D industry. They offer Draconis Pharma wide and proven experience in the different areas within drug discovery such as medicinal chemistry, analytical profiling, cell-based assays, in-vivo efficacy, ADME & Pharmacokinetics and preliminary studies to determine toxicity and safety profiles. These services are available separately or as integrated drug discovery solutions.

Besides the service business, Draconis Pharma also dedicates part of its resources to the discovery and development of innovative drugs for the treatment of inflammatory, autoimmune, allergy or pain disorders. Currently, Draconis is collaborating in two independent drug discovery programs, Neogenius Pharmaand Dendria, focused on the identification of innovative molecules to treat inflammatory pain and neuroinflammatory diseases respectively.

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