Medicinal Chemistry



Draconis Pharma provides high quality medicinal chemistry services. All our chemists have expert understanding and a successful track record in pharmaceutical R&D, with an average of 10 years R&D experience in the pharmaceutical industry. They have conducted many successful medicinal chemistry programs. As a result they have developed a strong understanding and rational design process in the different target classes such as GPCRs, enzymes, nuclear receptors and integrins.

These services include, but are not limited to the following (for further information or specific requirements, please contact us ):

  • Design and synthesis of new chemical entities (Hit-finding campaigns)
  • Design and synthesis of focused libraries using parallel synthesis
  • Hit-to-Lead & Lead Optimization campaigns
  • Synthesis of non-commercial building blocks and scaffolds
  • Synthesis of heterocyclic scaffolds
  • Synthesis of reference standards and impurities
  • Synthesis of reference compounds and metabolites
  • Optimization of synthetic routes and scale-up chemistry
  • Scaffold-hopping for IP extensions
  • Writing patent drafts
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